Hello mothercookers….

Hello mothercookers….

Well hello, here we are….another food blog!!!

Why read mine? I’m hoping for more of an interaction than me just wittering….

I just need a place to keep my recipes….instead of scraps of grease stained paper which I always end up misplacing…and one day it is my dream to help inspire folk to cook.

We need it, we need to be nourished, to be given the confidence to give cooking a try….to share ideas that actually work. (Don’t you hate recipes that don’t work…yet you blame your cooking skills..pfftt.)

So here we are….finding my feet in the cooking world…..nice to have you here…..lets cook, laugh and eat together.


love, hugs and greedy slurps…

Sky x

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Mother, blogger, writer, artist, food lover, cook, wine guzzler, educator, student, believer that everyone should have the chance to learn and discover their unique talents (preferably before they are 40, but I got there in the end.) - Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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