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Why we need cake….

Why we need cake….

I’m not going to lie, I’m not that good a making cakes….I don’t even eat that much cake, but there is just something soooo homely about the smell of baking. Sugary, buttery goodness that welcomes you as you come through the door.

Cake makes you feel loved, cake makes you happy, cake is good…..but it has to be homemade.

We stuff ourselves with so many preservatives and chemicals that we have no idea about, no clue on how they affect our bodies (or souls). We rant and rave about butter and sugar….but in a home made cake you can see actually what and how much of it has gone into the mix…and its a lot less than shop bought stuff. And its filling, its not just puff and air…..it has proper eggs in it…..possibly real lemon or carrots….(I don’t care what they say..that must count towards your five a day lol).

If it comes with a cup of tea and the promise of friendship…(baking cakes will guarantee family and friends will call..) then all the better…

So get out a mixing bowl and turn on the oven…..tie on an apron and dust the kitchen with flour, if it turns out well you will become and instant domestic Goddess (or God)…..if it’s a bit of a flop hide it under custard and call it pudding….either way its nearly the weekend…lets make cake 🙂


lots of love & cake crumbs

Sky x