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How to feed a zoo…


Here we are again, school holidays…my favourite time of year, but oh what to cook…??

It really is an endless round of meals and snacks…..picky eaters and feeling guilty that they won’t eat enough veg….so what the hell do we cook??

I will start with letting them have sausages, it scores me brownie points and if you buy good ones they are a good way to bribe with veg….the yorkshire puds and mash they will gobble up. I have found I can make chicken skewers that everyone one will eat, homemade pizza is fun….beef or steak…whizzed up for the only ones that will eat burgers…..we will try fishcakes on a promise of takeaway next time..there will be lots of fruit…even when you love to cook….it is a huge task….what are you making….I need your help xx16230262_1404835609538429_3849349106006753280_n

The secret ingredient no-one tells you about…

The secret ingredient no-one tells you about…

Sometimes when you cook you, stray away from your own intuition and decide to run with all the recipes you ever read, my  advice is DON’T…..

You know You. You know what you like ……don’t let anyone tell you any different…

It took a very garlicky houmous to figure this out. I like garlic, I personally don’t find it offensive if you smell of garlic…heavens garlic is sooo good for you. But it wasn’t the main flavour I wanted in my houmous…..The recipes, yes all 21 I looked at, had at least a clove of garlic in them. I didn’t think I knew better. I thought they must know something I didn’t, hell recipes are written by professional cooks and chefs (aren’t they??)….I am but a girl who loves to cook and eat…

It went a clove too far….

Houmous, a fab thing to make. It’s cheap, (much cheaper than the little pots we but in the supermarket). It’s healthy, one of your five a day, it’s quick, it’s tasty. It was ticking all my “things worth making myself” boxes. And it still is worth making….

So ….the secret ingredient…..the secret ingredient is You….

We live in an age where we no longer think we know best…We are told Government knows best, teacher’s know best….Mum’s know best (shocker..we don’t always, we muddle through like the rest of the world). Everyone know’s best…..you know what….I trust you, I’m gonna start trusting me….I am bringing back the secret ingredient…instinct…I won’t follow blindly anymore….however I will smell of garlic for days to come…you’ve been warned 🙂

Recipe to follow…..trust yourself on the garlic….

love and smelly hugs…






Why we need cake….

Why we need cake….

I’m not going to lie, I’m not that good a making cakes….I don’t even eat that much cake, but there is just something soooo homely about the smell of baking. Sugary, buttery goodness that welcomes you as you come through the door.

Cake makes you feel loved, cake makes you happy, cake is good…..but it has to be homemade.

We stuff ourselves with so many preservatives and chemicals that we have no idea about, no clue on how they affect our bodies (or souls). We rant and rave about butter and sugar….but in a home made cake you can see actually what and how much of it has gone into the mix…and its a lot less than shop bought stuff. And its filling, its not just puff and air…..it has proper eggs in it…..possibly real lemon or carrots….(I don’t care what they say..that must count towards your five a day lol).

If it comes with a cup of tea and the promise of friendship…(baking cakes will guarantee family and friends will call..) then all the better…

So get out a mixing bowl and turn on the oven…..tie on an apron and dust the kitchen with flour, if it turns out well you will become and instant domestic Goddess (or God)…..if it’s a bit of a flop hide it under custard and call it pudding….either way its nearly the weekend…lets make cake 🙂


lots of love & cake crumbs

Sky x



Hello mothercookers….

Hello mothercookers….

Well hello, here we are….another food blog!!!

Why read mine? I’m hoping for more of an interaction than me just wittering….

I just need a place to keep my recipes….instead of scraps of grease stained paper which I always end up misplacing…and one day it is my dream to help inspire folk to cook.

We need it, we need to be nourished, to be given the confidence to give cooking a try….to share ideas that actually work. (Don’t you hate recipes that don’t work…yet you blame your cooking skills..pfftt.)

So here we are….finding my feet in the cooking world…..nice to have you here…..lets cook, laugh and eat together.


love, hugs and greedy slurps…

Sky x