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Frustration…love and a feast…..

Frustration…love and a feast…..

Cooking is one of my mad passions (incase you had not already guessed!)..but it also drives me to the ends of frustration.

I think it may be a common problem – the misconception of thinking we were born to be able to cook, we forget it’s a skill…but it drives me mad anyway….

Cooking is sadly not a lego kit..you cannot just take out the instructions…stick the required bits together and it turns out perfect…food is just not like that…which I guess is what makes it so rewarding when you turn something  out good, possibly amazing 🙂

So tonight, I am going back to basics, I am going to construct and taste, squeeze and smell, stir and watch…..I am going to don my apron and learn…there is always soooo much to learn in life…and when I have finished tinkering (the antedote to frustration)..and learnt somthing more…I will sit back in wonder at how everything works together..and hopefully tastes delicious…and gobble it all up. If it doesn’t turn out as planned, I will sigh, pour myself a glass of wine and know I have taken a step further along the long long path of learning to cook…..because like life, cooking is endlessly frustating, full of love….and hopefully a joyous…if not go to bed happy anyway, we survived another day 🙂

keep on trying in love, life and the kitchen…

love and hugs

Sky x