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How to feed a zoo…


Here we are again, school holidays…my favourite time of year, but oh what to cook…??

It really is an endless round of meals and snacks…..picky eaters and feeling guilty that they won’t eat enough veg….so what the hell do we cook??

I will start with letting them have sausages, it scores me brownie points and if you buy good ones they are a good way to bribe with veg….the yorkshire puds and mash they will gobble up. I have found I can make chicken skewers that everyone one will eat, homemade pizza is fun….beef or steak…whizzed up for the only ones that will eat burgers…..we will try fishcakes on a promise of takeaway next time..there will be lots of fruit…even when you love to cook….it is a huge task….what are you making….I need your help xx16230262_1404835609538429_3849349106006753280_n