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Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

What will breakfast bring?

Strong coffee…yes please

Muffins, toast, granola, a quick egg on toast…for some a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps….this breaks my heart, but that’s another blog for another day…..

But today, today, how about pancakes..because I am sure I saw something in the supermarket today…and I’m not sure what it was…Pancake powder..in a plastic bottle??? What the hell is that??? If you don’t think you can make pancakes, please just try. I promise its soooo easy and good food for growing kids…

Breakfast will always be a toughy..

Somedays I’m hungry, some days, I hate to get up…some days need a fryup…whatever day it is I always make sure no one leaves the house without a good breakfast.

The kids love a omlette or a fried egg sandwich. For some reason people freak out if you give an egg for breakfast, but it is a millions times better than a dish of chocolate cereal…or crisps…or nothing…but I digress.

So let’s make pancakes, proper ones…I promise if the kitchen scares you, pancakes are easy peasy…you don’t even need scales…just flour, egg, milk and a pan…plus something to throw on top…I struggle between lemon and sugar and golden syrup….my boy likes plain…my girl nutella….on everything if I let her let 🙂

So all you need is a small tumbler or cup….

Measure your eggs first….just crack them into the cup. Then tip into a mixing jug or bowl.

(I use 2 which will make about 6 to 8 pancakes depending on th size of your pan)

Next measure the same amount of milk, add to the jug, plus 2 tablespoons of water.

Plain flour, again measure in your cup, and add a teaspoon of sugar.

Then whisk until smooth, or blitz with a stick blender until there are no more lumps. If you can leave it to rest for 30 minutes even better.

And that is it…..spoon a bit of batter into a small flat frying pan…(I use a non stick pan so don’t add any oil.) Give it a swirl and cook until it’s starting to peel from the edges…turn over…or toss if feeling brave. again cook until it becomes free from the pan bottom and looks golden….then gobble it up whilst hot….

love, hugs and happy tossing…






The secret ingredient no-one tells you about…

The secret ingredient no-one tells you about…

Sometimes when you cook you, stray away from your own intuition and decide to run with all the recipes you ever read, my  advice is DON’T…..

You know You. You know what you like ……don’t let anyone tell you any different…

It took a very garlicky houmous to figure this out. I like garlic, I personally don’t find it offensive if you smell of garlic…heavens garlic is sooo good for you. But it wasn’t the main flavour I wanted in my houmous…..The recipes, yes all 21 I looked at, had at least a clove of garlic in them. I didn’t think I knew better. I thought they must know something I didn’t, hell recipes are written by professional cooks and chefs (aren’t they??)….I am but a girl who loves to cook and eat…

It went a clove too far….

Houmous, a fab thing to make. It’s cheap, (much cheaper than the little pots we but in the supermarket). It’s healthy, one of your five a day, it’s quick, it’s tasty. It was ticking all my “things worth making myself” boxes. And it still is worth making….

So ….the secret ingredient…..the secret ingredient is You….

We live in an age where we no longer think we know best…We are told Government knows best, teacher’s know best….Mum’s know best (shocker..we don’t always, we muddle through like the rest of the world). Everyone know’s best…..you know what….I trust you, I’m gonna start trusting me….I am bringing back the secret ingredient…instinct…I won’t follow blindly anymore….however I will smell of garlic for days to come…you’ve been warned 🙂

Recipe to follow…..trust yourself on the garlic….

love and smelly hugs…






What to make??

What to make??

So here we are mothercookers. Monday,and what to make??

I always have great plans on how I’m going to cook and freeze meals at the weekend or plan a delicious menu to get us through the whole week…..but no, here we are again….nothing planned, nothing made.

Why is it such a struggle? You would think, for a girl surrounded by cookbooks and food magazines that it wouldn’t be a problem…but it is.

Once I’ve accommodated everyone’s likes and dislikes (a stupid thing to do, I don’t want fussy eaters), factored in my budget, worked out what time everyone is home from school, work, football etc etc…..established who will actually be here. (no one ever thinks of the meal planning when changing plans at the last-minute lol.) I’m no closer to deciding. I drool over fantastically styled food pages, and dream of living near a good fishmonger, but lets face it, I’m usually in a rush, my dinners taste good, but aren’t always much to look at, and I have to be in the mood to eat fish!

If you have ever watched Shirley Valentine you can kind of see her same day, same meal mentality. But that would be too boring for me.

I love to cook, I  love to eat even more…but the planning…oh the planning is not an area where I excel…..

So the coffee pot is on, pen and paper at the ready…..lets see what tempts me, what looks good, is cheapish, and healthy..ish…….ideas and inspiration always welcome 🙂


much love

Sky x